IVG 2400 Multi Flavour Watermelon Edition

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Looking for a fruity and flavoured delight on a summer day? The 4 in 1 Watermelon Edition IVG 2400 Disposable Vape is the leading choice. It is a perfect mixture of Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Watermelon, Sweet Watermelon, and Sour Watermelon Kiwi.
Accelerate your vaping with the Watermelon Ice, which combines the sweet essence of watermelons with cooling hints of ice. The sweet notes of watermelons amaze you as you puff in. However, the minty, icy coolness refreshes your mouth while drawing out.
Enjoy the Strawberry Watermelon fruity flavour in warm weather; you will be delighted by the luscious strawberry and the ripe watermelons. Throughout vaping, with each inhale and exhale, you will enjoy a burst of sweetness with delectable strawberries and watermelons.
Enter into the world of sweetness with the Sweet Watermelon, which includes the pure extracts of the richest and finest watermelons that will relax you in hot weather. Throughout vaping, you will enjoy the sweet essence of ripe watermelons.

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