IVG 2400 Multi Flavour Grape Edition

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Pod 1: Grape Soda - Enjoy the delightful tang of Grape Soda, a symphony of fruity flavours that dances on your taste receptors.

Pod 2: Grape Blackcurrant Ice - Dive into the chilly depths of icy coolness, mingled with the rich splash of grape and blackcurrants.

Pod 3: Grape Kiwi Ice - Grape Kiwi Ice is a tantalising blend of rich grapes and exotic kiwi, balanced with a chilly finish that will energise your taste buds with each vape.

Pod 4: Grape Lemon Soda - Combines zesty lemon and juicy grapes in a glass of fizzy tangy soda.

Nicotine Content: 20mg 

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